A Very Marley Christmas

No matter what time of the year it is, nobody can resist a bit of Bob Marley.


Reggae music is not generally associated with Christmas, but that didn’t stop ardent reggae fans from attending the Bob Marley tribute band at the Brook in Portswood just five days before the Big Day.
The lead singer of the band, Michael Anton Phillips, gives a vocally uncanny resemblance to the king of reggae himself (an unusually cool talent to have.) His energy and charisma on the stage gave a sense of what the real experience of seeing Bob Marley would have been like. The other members of the band also gave an impressionable performance, with as much likeliness, to lively-up yourself, as the Wailers. With a strong performance delivered by all of the members, the backup singers deserve their own appraisal. Stood at the front of the stage, the only two female members of the group, Elaine and Leonie Smith added that sparkle that brought Bob Marley’s music back to life for the night. 
The venue itself is reasonably sized, with an upstairs seating area and bar, giving an overhead balcony view of the stage. The best view however is downstairs, as you get an eye-level sight of the band, although there are fewer places to sit, due to the dance space, which was definitely full at the Legend tribute.       
The Brook does not only host reggae bands but it offers people the opportunity to see tribute bands from a variety of genres, such as rock music with bands such as ‘Fleetwood Bac’ and ‘Perfect alibi’ (a Pink Floyd tribute band.) Performing throughout the year, for dedicated fans who have not and perhaps will not get the chance to see their favourite bands in concert, (not that there’s much of a difference, with the tribute acts delivering spooky likeness performances to the real acts.)                                                      
The Legend tribute offers fans a chance to enjoy a night of strictly reggae music, for an audience of all ages to enjoy. Legend also performs at other venues across the UK, from as far as London and Devon, and in other parts of Hampshire throughout the year. They will be in Hampshire in the upcoming year in October performing in Hayling Island.