The therapeutic side of cooking

Being a chef is said to be one of the most stressful jobs out there and in a working environment it undoubtedly is, but what about when you’re just cooking at home?

Strictly speaking in a non professional sense, some people love it and some hate it but when you’re not in a rush, cooking can actually be quite therapeutic.

Say your feeling quite angry for instance, cooking can help, because it will take you’re mind off of whatever has upset you and release it through the physical activity of cooking itself.
The physical side of it is therapeutic itself because it is a strenuous activity, so you’ll probably feel too tired afterwards anyway (depending on what you’re cooking) to even think about any other stresses of the day.
For those who strive for the feeling of accomplishment, cooking is for you. It is very satisfying to know you have created something that you and others can enjoy. Whip up something exceptional and it can have people talking for weeks even months. In fact I remember eating a particular person’s cooking as a child and years later I still remember it well.

It is an activity you can never totally master, meaning you can continuously keep learning and progressing because there are so many recipes all over the world, to learn and attempt, the list is endless, you’d never get bored.
So next time your feeling negative, give cooking a go, you may walk away feeling a sense of achievement.