The ONLY annoying thing about being multi-raced

Now the headline is a bit misleading because there isn’t actually anything annoying about being multi-raced, it’s great. I love being half Iranian, half English/Irish, because it makes me feel unique. I can identify as either one of my races if I wish to, I am not restricted and I don’t come across many people with the exact same mix as mine so when I do it is exciting. This blog post is not intended just for those of a similar race to mine however, it is for anyone who has a mix in them, of all backgrounds. It is also for those that don’t have mixes in them at all but perhaps they have a child who is, or a friend, or relative. Whether you are mixed or not you could possibly benefit from reading this post or even relate to it.
Now this annoying thing that I speak of is an issue I have somewhat experienced myself and one that I have heard other mixed people speak of. It is a common problem that only some not all mixed/multi raced individuals will relate to. I say this because everyone has their own experiences, and their are some that won’t ever experience this and some that already have or might do one day.
It is the matter of when others try to tell you what race you are out of your mixes. Most of the time it is said through unintentional words or action with no harm done but for the person on the receiving end it can be quite annoying to have someone else try to identify you.
Not everyone who experiences this cares but some do and that’s because other people have no idea how they have been brought up. They could have had a stronger influence of one of their mixes growing up than the other but they might just look more like the other part of their race for instance, so therefore people try to identify them as that. It could be though, that in actual fact they’ve been raised eating the traditional food of the other race, can speak the language, listen to the music and just do things differently to the race that their being viewed as.
This experience for some isn’t a problem but for others it can be. It can feel like in a way they are being told to be something that they don’t personally identify as. That their beautiful mixes which make them so unique are being stripped from them as they are just being seen as the one.
It is nobody’s place to tell you what you are. Embrace your races and identify with whichever one you feel more connected to, not what anyone else tells you, you are. Try to embrace all of your races, but if you don’t want to then you don’t have to. That is one of the many beauties of being mixed, you can identify as which ever one you choose to or all if you wish.
If you do find yourself experiencing this one day don’t be offended either, it isn’t usually said or done with any malice intended most of the time, so just try to bare that in mind. They are simply just unaware.
People should embrace others for who they truly are, not just what they see.