Top 5 must-see Halloween movies

Immerse yourself this Halloween with one or all of my top 5 films!

1. Stephen King’s IT (1990)

The number one spot has to go to Stephen King’s IT (1990) TV series which was put together as a movie. It’s one of the scariest original horror films out there and if you say it ain’t scary, you’re lying to yourself. Tim Curry’s acting cannot be topped, he is the original IT, although the actor in the new movie made a good effort. There are a lot of funny scenes in the original which I like to think are deliberate due to the fact that Pennywise is after all a clown. Even with the humour however, other scenes are terrifying.
If you’re looking for a scare this Halloween you won’t be disappointed with IT. This film is so good that it’s terrible ending doesn’t even ruin it!

2. Insidious
I find that horror films these days just aren’t as scary as the old school ones but I have to take my hat off to Insidious. In my opinion, it is one of the scariest horror movies of this generation. It’s filled with jump scares throughout and not the corny sort either. What makes it so good is that even though it includes ‘possession’ which so many other horrors have, it does it in it’s own unique way that makes it incomparable to other films of its genre. With so many terrifying characters, you’ll have plenty to be afraid of.

3. Insidious 2
It’s not often that you’ll find a sequal to a film that’s as good (or as scary in this case) as the first, but Insidious 2 is just that. It’s even rarer to find a sequel that beats the first but I have heard some people say they think number 2 is scarier than the first, I personally can’t decide.
The storyline to the first film is continued in the sequel rather than being a completely separate story of it’s own which I think adds to the fright, because you just know it’s going to be terrifying. The storylines themselves in both films are captivating, and a must see this Halloween.

4. The Skeleton Key
b913f6d4faf514f8be4e3900652b82c1-kate-hudson-movie-collection-e1508599355997.jpgThe Skeleton Key is a great movie to watch over Halloween, the concept is original and the acting is excellent. It focuses on Voodoo which gives the movie that much more of an edge as it is practised to this day by many people in different countries around the world. You will probably try to figure out what’s going to happen next throughout the entire movie, but rest assured you will be surprised by its twist ending.

5. Frankenweenie
The final film on my list is one for kids (and the adults), Frankenweenie, it is one of the best animation horrors I’ve seen and it’s a great movie to watch to get you in the mood for Halloween. It is portrayed in typical Tim Burton fashion, leaving you captivated throughout. The entire movie is also in black and white which gives it an old school feel that somehow makes it that much spookier. You won’t find another animation like it!


Five things ‘A Bronx Tale’ taught me from a young age

I watched this movie when I was eight years old and even now at the age of twenty two it is still my favourite film. There are certain lessons in this film that I not only learned from watching it but through experiencing some of them in real life. Eight might seem like a bit of a young age for someone to be watching this movie considering the violence, language and racist terms used, but the heart behind it is what counts.
Here is just some of the lesson’s you can learn from watching this all time classic:

1. Don’t follow the crowd.
It seems like an obvious thing to say but many people still do this. It teaches you that just because your friends hold a certain opinion or live a particular lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Always stay true to what you think is the right thing to do.

2. Love who you want to love.
This goes without saying, if someone disapproves of your relationship for any reason whatsoever, then that’s their problem. You love whoever you want to.

3. Education is important.
Knowledge is power, it’s good to be wise from experiences in life and it’s great to be educated from books, but it’s best to be both. “That way I’d be twice as smart as everybody.”sonny

4. Morals over money.
Never think money is so important that you have to go against your own morals to get it and don’t be idle.

5. Nobody Cares.
Most people don’t care about something unless it affects or involves them. It’s important to care for others, but in the end you have to look out for yourself and the people who matter most to you. Don’t waste your time on selfish people.

There are too many lessons to list that this movie teaches, so I recommend that you watch it in your own time and learn.